SMOS ETHO Mining Guide

How to mine ETHO using the Simple Mining OS.


This guide will cover the setup on SMOS in order to mine Etho Protocol. This guide will not cover how to install SMOS itself, but rather how to configure it, in order to mine Etho Protocol.

In order to setup Etho Protocol mining on SMOS you need to have:

  1. A mining rig running the Simple Mining Operating System.

  2. An Etho Protocol Wallet address. (Please see Setting up ETHO Web Wallet)

When deciding which Etho Protocol pool to use for your mining, keep in mind that it's ideal for hashrate to be spread over as many pools as possible. You can find a list of Etho Protocol pools at


  1. When you are on the Simple Mining dashboard, click on the Group Config button on the menu.

  2. Then select the Add Group button at the top of the page.

  3. Now select a miner compatible with the Ethash / Dagger algorithm. At the time of writing, the miner which offers the best performance is the Claymore-Eth miner. Select the latest version.

  4. You now need to name the group, its best to give it a name so you can easily identify it from your other configurations. Such as Etho Protocol Miner or something similar. The group description section can be left blank.

  5. Next, you need to enter a configuration string for the miner. This includes information to allow the mining software to connect to the mining pool. This is an example string which I have set up for mining on rebellion pool, but the values can be changed for any other pool.

    1. -epool = Pool Address and port

    2. -ewal = Wallet Address

    3. -eworker = wallet name (See Figure 1 for an example connection string)

  6. The configuration string also includes information about the wallet address and worker name, which will need to be changed to your address.

  7. Now click the ‘Add Group’ button to confirm the information and to save the configuration. You are now able to select this mining profile and begin mining!

  8. You can now go to the mining pool (In this case EthoDreamPool) and search for your wallet address to find your mining information. It will take a number of hours for the hash rate on the pool to average out.

Figure 1: Connection String
-epool stratum+tcp:// -ewal 0xYour_Wallet_Address -eworker Your_Rig_Name -epsw x -allpools 1 -gser2

(Original content contributed by Etho Protocol Discord Community member @Joseph#2037.)

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