How to attach your Website hosted on ethoFS to your own Domain

Getting a Domain

The domain name is gonna be like 1-15 dollars a year.

In this Example used is from here: Cost under $5.

Step 1:

Once you got yours go on where you registered the website and setup the DNS by editing “change name servers”,in this case its

Click on My Domains then select Manage Domains.

Step 2:

Select your Domain.

Now you will be presented with DNS Settings.

Click on the arrow on the right to open the DNS Settings.

Step 3:

Here you will add the Free DNS Service,click on Add Server to add 2 more,so you have 4.

Add these 4 below & click on Save Name Server.





Once done it should look like this.

Namecheap DNS setup

Step 1:

Go to

Type your domain name and complete the checkout process!

Make sure you registered there & have an Account.

Step 2:

  • Login to your Account

  • Click on Dashboard

Step 3:

Click on the Manage option under the House icon.

Step 4:

Next we need to go to the Advanced DNS tab,so go ahead & select it.

Step 5:

In Advanced DNS menu you need to ADD NEW RECORD.

Add these 2:

  • CNAME Record

  • TXT Record

Add CNAME Record & fill the Host,Value & TTL.

  • Under Host add www

  • Under Value add

  • Under TTL select 5 min

Next add TXT Record & fill the Host,Value & TTL.

  • Under Host add _dnslink.www

  • Under Value add dnslink=/ipfs/YOUR_CONTENT_HASH_HERE

  • Under TTL select 5 min

Once you are done it should look like this:

Save all changes.

Visit your website! Please Note: Your website might not be available immediately as it can take a bit of time for DNS changes to propagate over the internet.

Congratulations! You just setup your decentralized website on ethoFS attached to your domain!

If you require any assistance in using ethoFS, please join our discord!

Due to the immutable (not able to be changed) nature of ethoFS, you need to upload a new version of the website every time you need to make a change, as well as update the TXT DNS record. It's recommended you test all changes locally and confirm everything is 100% working and the way you want it before uploading to ethoFS

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