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How to host your own ethoFS dashboard at home on macOS

This guide will teach you how to host the ethoFS Version 2 dashboard on your local macOS machine.
Step 1:
Head over to: and download the latest version of ampps
Step 2:
Install Ampps by opening the DMG file and copying the AMPPS folder into Applications
Step 3:
Start AMPPS by opening the AMPPS app.
AMPPS might need admin permission simply fill in your password and it will begin launching.
AMPPS is running.
Step 4:
Get a copy of ethoFS Version 2 by going to: and download the zip file, when you're asked where you'd like to save the file save it under the applications/AMPPS/www folder.
Step 5:
Now push SHIFT+CMD+A and move into the AMPPS/www folder now extract ethoFS V2.0.0 zip file.
You'll see 2 folders like above.
Step 6:
Open this link in your browser with Metamask installed: http://localhost/ethoFS%20V2.0.0/login.html
It is important to note that the latest version on Metamask requires you to whitelist sites by going to settings -> connections and then simply add the site: localhost