Using Windows ETHO Wallet

The new Etho Protocol wallet is built from the ground up to do things right!


This guide includes information on the Etho Protocol desktop wallet, created by community developer @Taegus#5853. While this wallet is still in development, it is still a significant improvement over the current desktop wallet in terms of features, stability and user interface. This guide will cover how to install the wallet along with how to use it.

Installing Etho Protocol Wallet

The wallet can be downloaded here. Unzip the archive into any folder and run the

You may be prompted with the message below, click on ‘show more info’ and then ‘Run anyway’ in order to proceed with the installation process.

Using Etho Protocol Wallet

After loading up the wallet you will see the window displayed below. Down the left hand side the different tabs can be selected, while on the bottom of the window it displays the sync progress with the blockchain.

If you have not previously installed a Etho Protocol desktop wallet, you will need to create an account. To do this click the ‘New Address’ button at the top of this window. This will prompt you to set a password associated with the account, which will be required to send transactions from that address. Once an account has been created you can rename it, by clicking on the ‘edit’ button.

To send ETHO from the wallet, use the second option on the menu. This will present the above window, where you can select the following:

  • Which account to debit the funds from.

  • Which address to send the funds to.

  • The amount of ETHO to send. (Along with the option to send the entire balance of the account.)

After filling in the details and clicking on the ‘send’ button, you will be prompted with the following window:

This window shows the transaction details, to allow you to double check the addresses and amount. It also displays the transaction fee required to make the desired transaction, along with a password field to verify an authorized person is sending the funds. Clicking the ‘confirm’ button will send the transaction to the network.

The next window shows the transaction history associated with all the addresses in the wallet. This is able to show transactions between addresses in the wallet, along with incoming and outgoing transactions. This feature is useful in keeping track of node payments.

The settings page allows to clear data associated with the wallet. This is useful during the troubleshooting process, as it can force the wallet to re-sync with the blockchain, if it is having issues.

(Original content contributed by Etho Protocol Discord Community member @Joseph#2037.)

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