Updating Etho Protocol Nodes

To install the latest version of the Etho Protocol Node software, simply follow the instructions below. Keep monitoring the server for about 15 minutes after the update to make sure all is working pro

If your node is up-to-date, you will not see the "Update" button

Updating Nodes

Log in to the node dashboard ( https://nodes.ethoprotocol.com/ ) and click on the "Update" button for the node.

Copy the install script for your server type.

Login/SSH to your VPS server using the ether1node account.

Paste it into the terminal, and the script will do the rest.

You might be asked to input the password for ether1node before some of the commands run

You can monitor if it runs as expected, and also see the progress if it's syncing with the command sudo journalctl -f -u ether1node

The command will leave a status window running to show you the output of the Etho Protocol Node status. You can stop the output by pressing CTRL+C

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