How to Contribute to Docs

FAQ: How do contribute to docs.

I'd like to help with Etho Protocol documentation!

That's awesome & we're happy to have you! This project heavily relies on the participation of passionate individuals. You can write about anything relevant to the general categories on the left. You can also improve and expand existing documentation.

What format should I write in?

Make sure you’re familiar with markdown markup. This is the format you'll be required to use for Etho Protocol documentation submissions.

How do I submit my work?

You can submit your work to any Community Manager (CM) or Project Manager (PM) in Discord or just post it in the #share-your-etho-content channel

Can I get an account on this portal to post my work directly?

You can get your own account here after several submissions and after you've established a good relationship with your CM point of contact.

How much will I get paid for contributing to Etho Protocol documentation?

For new documentation articles, you will be compensated between 75 and 250 ETHO depending on the article's length, readability, detail, lack of errors and other criteria. For improving existing articles, you will be compensated between 10 and 150 ETHO depending on the same criteria. For translating articles, you will be compensated between 50 ETHO and 200 ETHO depending on length and complexity.

Be mindful that all final remuneration decisions are up to your CM's discretion. All efforts will be made to fairly compensate contributors. If there is a disagreement between writer and CM, please bring up the issue to another CM for review and resolution.

How do I improve your system?

You can contact any member of the team and bring up your idea or use the #suggestions channel in Discord.

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