Setup MetaMask For Etho Protocol

Installing MetaMask

To use MetaMask with ETHO (Main network) or ETHO HC (Test network) you can install a browser extension from the appropriate app store for your particular browser. For this example, we will be using the chrome version. You can find the chrome application here:

After Installing the MetaMask browser extension, you will need to go through the following setup process:

  1. When prompted, press continue.

  2. Create a strong password to use with MetaMask. (You can also import an existing wallet with the seed phrase, to restore an existing account.)

  3. After creating a password, you will be shown your account image, and then you will be prompted to accept the MetaMask Terms & Conditions along with a privacy notice and a statement on phishing.

  4. Following acceptance of all the various terms, you will be prompted to backup your recovery seed. The page includes information on the best practices to follow when backing up the recovery seed.

  5. You will then need to confirm the backup phrase:

  6. You have now successfully installed MetaMask. You will now need to configure MetaMask so that it knows how to access the Etho Protocol blockchain. To do so, open the MetaMask extension; click the circle in the top-right corner and scroll down to click the "settings" link; scroll down to "Networks" and click the button to add a new network. It will open a new browser tab and ask you for the following information for the main net:

    Network Name: Etho Protocol NEW RPC URL: Chain ID: 0x14095a Currency Symbol: ETHO Block Explorer URL:

Etho Protocol's Chain ID is: 1313114 Metamask did recently update, and might require ChainID in hex: 0x14095a

Once the custom RPC value is put in above, you will see the ETHO balance of your imported account

If you want to use the ETHO hypercube test network you want to set it up with the following parameters Network Name: Etho HC Testnet NEW RPC URL: Chain ID: 27292 Currency Symbol: ETHO Block Explorer URL:

Importing Existing Wallet to MetaMask

This optional section of the guide details how you can import an existing wallet into MetaMask. These steps are applicable to both stock MetaMask and the Etho Protocol version.

  1. From the MetaMask application, select the purple circle in the upper right hand corner. Then select 'import wallet', as shown in the screenshot below:

  1. Now, depending on the format which your existing wallet is in, you have the choice to pick between a JSON file and a private key string:

  2. You can paste the private key into the field, or upload the JSON file using the file explorer.

Imported accounts will not be associated with your originally created MetaMask account seed-phrase. Learn more about imported accounts here.

Adding Wrapped ETHO to MetaMask

This optional section of the guide details how you can add Wrapped ETHO into MetaMask. These steps are applicable to both stock MetaMask and the Etho Protocol version. To add it automaticly, the easiest way is to go to CoinMarketCap and just click on the MetaMask icon. Make sure you are on the Ethereum Network.

It will then add it for you, and you are done. It can be shown and managed under the Assets tab.

You can also add it manually by going to the Assets tab and click on "Add Token"

Then click on "Custom Token" and paste in our contract address for the Ethereum network: 0x0b5326Da634f9270FB84481DD6F94d3dC2cA7096

After clicking "Next" and "Add Tokens" your Wrapped ETHO will show up under the "Assets" tab.

Same process for Binance Smart Chain (0x48b19b7605429aCAa8Ea734117F39726a9AAb1f9 is the contract address for the BSC Network)

Use our bridge to wrap/unwrap ETHO

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