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Etho Protocol: #Freedom Of Data

Hello & Welcome to the Etho Protocol Documentation Portal!

> What is Etho Protocol?

The Etho Protocol aims to disrupt how information is shared and controlled on the internet by providing a new solution for how files are fundamentally stored and accessed. It aims to decentralize all information while giving individuals the ability to control and secure their own data, both public and private.

Imagine a world where social media content was completely held in the public domain and was 100% immutable. Imagine a voting system that was completely un-hackable and run with complete transparency. Imagine a version of the internet where the Googles, Facebooks and Amazons didn’t control a vast majority of all web content and traffic flow. The idea of a completely decentralized, democratized web is not only a utopian dream but now achievable. Our project aims to bring all this together by providing a streamlined, completely decentralized development and content hosting platform that is usable by anyone.

The technological underpinnings of the Etho Protocol content hosting platform are comprised of blockchain technology, paired with smart contracts, masternodes and the InterPlanetary File System.

While the Etho Protocol works diligently to completely disrupt the nature of how files are stored & distributed on The Internet, we will also steadfastly focus on providing the same level of moxie to how the project functions on a holistic community level. A vibrant community comprised of proven, passionate and professional individuals is the primary building block for new systems of self-governance that will be built into Etho Protocol. The goal of such systems is to provide decentralization on a human level by taking time-proven concepts such as separation of duties, democratic debate and fair elections into the next evolution of The Internet.

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