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How to Upload to ethoFS using our Website Upload App

This guide will show you how to use our Upload App to upload files to ethoFS.


Go to our Website & Click on the Blue "Launch Upload App" tab.


Enter your "Private Key" (Etho Protocol Key field),then click on Login.


Select "Upload File" if you want to upload just a file(image,text file,etc) or if you want to upload a Directory,Website,etc select "Upload Directory".


  • Write a Name of your Contract
  • Set the Duration (100,000 Blocks to max 1M Blocks)
  • Select a "File" or "Directory" you wish to upload
  • Click on Upload
After the Upload is done you will see this window with a link to your file & other options.
To Extend your Contract click on the "Extend Contract" button & select the Duration.