Opening ECP Pull Request

Officially putting in the ECP for discussion and voting


As this point in the ECP process, you should have a fully formed ECP written out as shown in the ECP Style Guide section.

An ECP can only be brought forward as previously announced and seconded in a weekly Etho Protocol Council Meeting. Two Etho Protocol Council Members need to support the ECP in order to reach this stage.

Opening First ECP Pull Request

Forking Etho Protocol ECP Repository

Fork the Etho Protocol Github ECP repo here:

By forking the Etho Protocol ECP repo, you provide another copy of the data therein. Even better if you always keep a local copy of your ECP repo using the Github desktop client. #DecentralizeEverything 💪

Upload Properly Formatted ECP markdown file

Once you've forked the repo, you will upload your markdown formatted ECP file and input the summary of the ECP file into the body of the pull request.

Navigate to the front page of the newly forked ECP repo (in our case here it'll be located on the ether1cloud account). In your case, this will be on your own individual account.

Navigate to the /site/content/post subdirectory by clicking on the respective folder name within each level

If unsure about the formatting of an ECP, reference the and files

Here's what a well formatted file will look like:

Using the Github interface you can either create a new file and paste your work into it or upload the file right into the post directory

Create new file

Upload files

Submit a Pull Request back to the Etho Protocol ECP Repo

Navigate to and select New Pull Request

Select the pull request details as shown below. Enable the compare across forks option and select the official Etho Protocol repo on the left & your newly forked one (with the ECP markdown file) on the right.

On the next screen you will see the second part of the Pull Request process. Paste the number and name of the ECP in the title bar and paste everything after the second --- line into the body of the pull request. This will enable all participants to have an easy view of the ECP body.

Use the Preview view option to make sure the ECP looks properly formatted.

Congratulations you have just created your official ECP pull request!

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