Getting Involved

Fundamentally changing the way files are stored and delivered on the internet is a huge undertaking. We need your help to build the future. We need documentation writers, organizers, programmers, technologists & specialists of all kinds. Join us in Discord and see how you can fit into the puzzle of building the future.

In the Etho Protocol community you will find constructive debate guiding progress, regular opportunities to speak with the developer team and, as already mentioned, you'll find multiple chances to get involved. We expect erudite individuals to join us, read about the project (the whitepaper is a good starting point), get engaged with the community, and find ways to contribute based on the things observed. We will welcome you into the discussion and help you get involved.

A good way to get involved with Etho Protocol is right here by helping us write and organize all knowledge about the project. You can get compensated for doing so & earn ETHO by helping us all grow! See the How to Contribute to Docs article and read (& follow!) our Docs Style Guide.

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