ethoFS Introduction

What is ethoFS?

ethoFS is the first example of decentralized application-specific nodes being deployed on the Etho Protocol Network to support a decentralized content and website hosting platform.

ethoFS combines the Etho Protocol Masternode/Service Node technology with IPFS (InterPlanetary File System) to deliver decentralized content on a scale not seen before. Users will be able to upload content or a website via a simple user interface to be hosted with ethoFS in a decentralized fashion with their data stored across the node network and securely indexed on the Etho Protocol Blockchain.

ethoFS and Application Specific Nodes

The first application-specific nodes being deployed onto the network are ethoFS Gateway Nodes. EthoFS is a decentralized website and content storage/delivery platform. The Gateway Node system utilizes additional proprietary security protocols along with the existing IPFS based Etho Protocol Masternode and Service Node network to store, propagate and deliver content to end users. This platform will replace typical centralized web hosting platforms by seamlessly integrating into existing mainstream internet protocols while maintaining all the benefits that complete decentralization brings to the system.

Why is Decentralized hosting on ethoFS such a big deal?

Immutability, zero censorship and attack/DDoS resistance are just a few of the benefits. Hosting a website or application via a decentralized solution closes most attack vectors and makes if far too expensive for any nefarious actor to attempt attacking a decentralized website or service. This alleviates one of the major problems/costs companies have to deal with today while using a normal centralized hosting service. Several governments and large corporate entities choose to filter and/or censor the content you are able to see. A decentralized delivery of this content could allow for uncensored and freer flowing information.

What will it cost to use the ethoFS system?

Specific costs have not been decided/determined yet but when we have reached full deployment, a user will be able to upload their content via a decentralized application and pay for the service with ETHO. The cost will be based on the storage space required by the content uploaded and the user will be charged a periodic fee (in ETHO) for as long as they want that content available on the network.

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