Upgrade Service Node or Masternode to Gateway Node

Masternode or Service Node to Gateway Node upgrade guide.


This guide will detail the options and considerations when upgrading from having two Master Nodes, into one Gateway Node. This will make use of the new upgrade feature built into the node dashboard, in order to maintain uptime and payouts throughout the upgrade.


  • VPS Specifications - Gateway nodes require twice the memory and storage requirements compared to a Masternode. This means in most cases the VPS plan will need to be upgraded to run a Gateway node. (4GB of RAM and 80GB of storage.)

  • VPS Provider - As a higher spec VPS will be needed (as detailed above) it may be best to check which provider offers the best priced plan. It seems that Digital Ocean is a popular and well priced option at the time of writing.

  • Collateral - A Gateway Node requires 30,000 ETHO coins compared to the 15,000 ETHO coins needed for a Master Node and 5,000 ETHO coins for a Service Node. This means when upgrading from two Master Nodes, you will likely need to transfer the collateral into a single wallet address. (This wallet address will need to be the same address as the Master Node which you are upgrading into the Gateway Node, not the one which you are shutting down.)

Upgrade Process

  • You will need to shut down either one, or both of your virtual private servers when combining two Master Nodes into a Gateway Node. This can be done through the VPS providers website. (You will shut down both if you are moving provider, or if you need to reimage the server in order to upgrade its hosting package.)

    • You can also change a Service to a Gateway Node using this guide.

  • Once you have one VPS running which meets the specifications, you can then remove one of the Masternodes from the dashboard on the Etho Protocol website.

  • Now you will have a VPS server running and one Masternode or Service Node remaining on the nodes website. Whether this is a fresh reimage of the VPS or the existing Service Node or Master Node, the instructions you need to follow are the same

  • Once you are running the Etho Protocol Gateway Node on the VPS, you can now upgrade your existing Master Node to the Gateway Node on the Etho Protocol website. Go to Details for the Master Node which you are going to upgrade, ad click on edit node .

  • You will need to change the node type to Gateway Node, and copy the script.

  • Run the script on your VPS, and it will update your node. Your node will also report back to the dashboard with the changes.

  • After updating the Node, the uptime should remain at 100% and you should not miss any payouts.

Monitor your node for 45 minutes after the installation of the gateway node software to ensure its uptime stays at 100%.

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