Using ETHO Web Wallet

Setting up and using Etho Protocol web wallet. Setup Time: 30 minutes

This guide is for the Etho Protocol Web Wallet. This wallet is slightly different than the Desktop Wallet. The main difference is you do not need to download the entire ETHO chain and you can not use Smart Contracts. It is like a portable version of your Desktop Wallet.Thus allowing you to access it from anywhere. This guide will walk you through the setup and backup of your Etho Protocol Web Wallet.

Creating a wallet is a relatively straight forward process. However it is imperative that you save and backup your password, keystore (UTC/JSON file) and private keys. If you lose them, you will lose access to your ETHO. At present there is no way to reinstate a holders account once access has been lost. It is recommended to back them up on Password Managers, Flash Drives, and a paper copy. Also, no one at Etho Protocol will ever ask you for your password, private key or Keystore File nor should you ever share it.

It's very important to also safeguard the confidentiality of your private key and keystore file. If someone else gets this information in an unencrypted format, your ETHO may be stolen.


The Web wallet allows you to obtain an ETHO address without having to download the entire ETHO chain. It has the same functionality as a desktop wallet. Please visit the Discord channel if you have any questions, comments or concerns.

Creating a New Wallet

  1. Go to Review the warnings about using the ETHO wallet online and familiarize yourself as best you can.

  2. Ensure the location it is saved to and click Save.

  3. Now Click on the I understand. Continue. button.

  4. Now you can access your wallet. There are several ways to access your Web Wallet. However, for the first time, you must access your wallet with the Keystore File.

Opening your Etho Protocol Wallet With Keystore File

  1. Click on Keystore / JSON File from the left column.

  2. Click on the Select Wallet File Button.

  3. Choose the UTC--201...* file from your File Explorer location and click open.

  4. Enter the password you created in step 3 above and click unlock

    If any information is incorrect the wallet will not allow you to proceed. Simply review the information and re-enter as required.

    Wait a few moments and you will be able to see all your wallet information by scrolling down.

    Get in the habit of saving as much information as you can. Now would be a good time to create a simple Text document with all the information you now know about your wallet. Copy the wallet address, Private Key, Keystore Location, and what have you. Save it in a password protector, on some USB flash drives, write it down and print it out.

    Simply close the window on your browser to exit.

  1. Click on **View Wallet Info at top of page.

  2. Click on Private Key from the left column.

  3. Copy then Paste your private key into the open box.

  4. Click Unlock.

  5. Again you can see the same information as opening with the Keystore.

    Simply close the window to exit the wallet.

Privacy is of utmost importance with digital currencies. If someone gets your private key, your funds will be compromised. Keep all wallet information safe and secure. Also you can never have too many backups.

Checking Your ETHO Balance

Checking your balance is as easy as knowing your wallet address!

  1. Select View with Address Only

  2. Paste your wallet address and click View Balance

If the View Balance button does not appear, this means your wallet address if improperly formatted.

(Original content contributed by Etho Protocol Discord Community member @Ulufulu#0498.)

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