Trading ETHO on Turtle Network

The Turtle Network DEX uses Gateways provided by individual operators to do conversions for each market pair.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Turtle Network (TN) DEX?

The Turtle Network DEX can be reached at To put coins on the exchange, users send them through Gateway Servers which are operated by Turtle Network or by KYC compliant community members of each respective project. The coins are reflected on the exchange as Turtle Network Tokens and the user is able to trade them with any of the other coins/tokens on the exchange. Once the user is finished trading, the coins can be taken out of the TN DEX, again by the use of the Gateway Server of whichever coin is being withdrawn.

How exactly does the TN DEX work?

In order to get a good mind model, we need to lay out some groundwork and mention that TN is a SmartContract platform which also supports creating tokens. Using these tokens, the TN DEX is able to represent each crypto, like ETH and LTC using a token on the TN. While users trade tokens of their cryptos, the Gateway Servers hold the coins backing each coin. For example, the Etho Protocol Gateway Server holds all ETHO in its hot and cold wallets while the users of the TN DEX trade the Etho Protocol tokens on the exchange. Once a user decides it's time to take the ETHO coins out of the exchange, they do so by once again using the Etho Protocol Gateway Server on the way out to convert the TN Etho Protocol tokens to ETHO.

For example, here's a simplified workflow that shows how the TN DEX works:

  1. $ETHO >>>> [use Etho Protocol gateway server] >>>> tETHO

  2. tETHO >>>> [trade to $TN] >>>> $TN

  3. $TN >>>> [trade to tWAVES] >>>> tWAVES

  4. tWAVES >>>> [use WAVES gateway server] >>>> $WAVES

Legend: $ETHO -- Native coins on the Etho Protocol blockchain tETHO -- Etho Protocol token on Turtle Network $TN -- Native coins on the Turtle Network tWAVES -- WAVES token on Turtle Network $WAVES -- Native coins on the WAVES blockchain

Trading ETHO on Turtle Network

Register for a TN Address

Go to the exchange's website, register for a Turtle Network (TN) address, save the TN address for later reference. This will be the destination address on the Etho Protocol Gateway Server.

Convert your ETHO using the Gateway Server

Now you will use the Etho Protocol Gateway Server at: to convert your ETHO coins into tETHO tokens.

Fill out the ETHO address you'll be sending your coins from on the left and the TN wallet address you saved from earlier on the right as the destination address and hit the Establish Tunnel button.

The tunnel is now established, send your ETHO coins to the gateway's address:

Gateway ETHO Address: 0x7430c7918a133b3EEa826164D071376662140BaB

Take a look at the fees for using the service to make sure you're sending enough coins to account for it.

Be aware that tunnel sessions are one time use operations. You will need to establish a new tunnel session after each successful ETHO deposit.

Convert your ETHO to other coins on the TN DEX

After about 3-5 minutes after deposit, the Etho Protocol token will be available on the portfolio screen

You can now use the exchange screen to trade your ETHO for TN or any other coin being offered.

Withdraw your ETHO from TN DEX

Let's say you want to withdraw your TN DEX Etho Protocol tokens by converting them back to $ETHO and sending them back to your wallet. The process is even simpler than depositing your $ETHO to the exchange.

From within the Portfolio screen select the Transfer button next to the Etho Protocol token

Fill out the Etho Protocol Gateway's TN Address in the first field and put your ETHO wallet address in the attachment field, then hit Transfer and then Confirm

Gateway TN Address: 3JsqaubgtrcbxT77wRrVkRdgbhMMCZEyXEx

Checking Transaction and Withdraw History

Use the History screen to keep track of your trade history as well as any deposits and withdrawals.

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