Buying ETHO on STEX

How to get ETHO on the STEX exchange.


This guide will cover the basics of buying and selling Etho Protocol through the STEX ( exchange, including how to make an account, deposit and withdraw funds, along with placing orders on the exchange.

Making an Account

  1. Go to the STEX website and click on the Sign Up button in the top right-hand side of the page.

  2. You will then be prompted to read and agree to the Terms & Conditions before proceeding with account creation.

  3. Fill in the required personal information such as email address and password, indicate you're over 21 and select checkbox promising you're not a robot. Then press the submit button at the bottom the page.

  4. You will then be prompted to confirm your account through an E-Mail sent to the E-Mail address which you registered with.

  5. After confirming the E-Mail it will take you to the STEX website. Account setup is now complete.

Depositing / Withdrawing Funds

  1. To deposit funds click on your E-Mail address in the top right-hand section of the website. From there click on the profile button from the drop-down menu.

  2. You will be presented with a list of all the coins present on the exchange, you can click on the deposit / withdraw button next to the relevant coin.

    1. For deposits, you will be presented with an address to send the relevant coins to. It is important to only send the correct coin to the corresponding wallet address as if you send the wrong coin to the wrong address it may not be recoverable. (For example, only send BTC to the BTC wallet.)

    2. For withdrawals, you will be prompted to enter the wallet address which you want to withdraw the coins to. (Again be sure to use the correct address for the coin.) You can then input what quantity of currency you want to withdraw from the exchange, along with being told the fee. You will also need to verify the withdrawal through an E-Mail confirmation.

  3. After making a deposit/withdrawal you can check the status of the transaction on the block explorer or through the STEX website. Click on the Withdrawal History or Deposit History button on the menu in order to see pending / current transactions. (Note - It may take some time for deposits to appear in this section.)

Placing Orders

  1. Once you have deposited funds to your account, and the funds are confirmed by the network, you are now able to exchange them for Etho Protocol on the exchange. In this case, we will be using BTC as an example, as BTC-ETHO is the main trading pair for Etho Protocol on STEX, so in order to trade other altcoins for Etho Protocol, you will need to first convert them into Bitcoin, and then trade the bitcoin for Etho Protocol.

  2. On the main page of the exchange, search for ETHO, in order to find the BTC-ETHO market.

  3. This will open up the market page, which displays useful information, including a trading view price graph, order book, market depth and the Buy / Sell section.

    1. The order book shows the open orders on the exchange, which essentially lists the price and quantity which people are currently willing to buy/sell Etho Protocol for. The higher your order is, within the order book, the quicker it is filled.

    2. The market depth section is a comparison of buy volume against sell volume, it helps to indicate whether more people are looking to sell or buy the coin at a particular time.

    3. The Buy / Sell sections are where you place your order. You are required to enter the price/coin and volume which you want to buy/sell. You can click on any order in the buy/sell book to populate the buy/sell window with the correct information to fill that order.

    4. After you submit an order to the exchange it will be present on the order book. If you decided to buy/sell for a price and volume which was already on the order book, the exchange should be completed instantly. If you opted to set your price/volume lower or higher than what the buy/sell orders are within the order book, you will need to wait for someone to fill your order.

    5. After buying Etho Protocol through the market, you are now able to withdraw it to your Etho Protocol wallet. Conversely, if you sold Etho Protocol for bitcoin, you will now be able to withdraw the bitcoin, to your bitcoin wallet. (See the Depositing / Withdrawl section for details.)

(Original content contributed by Etho Protocol Discord Community member @Joseph#2037.)